Mobius Twists Are Very Useful!

Meet Nettie, a giant Twistish tipi

Lucinda Munro Cook


A tipi made of netting
Nettie from the back (Photo property of author)

Who says Mobius Twists aren’t useful? They are wrong. Nettie is a Twistish tipi made from a continuous roll of garden netting, and seven or eight sticks (twelve foot-long, one-by-one inch thick).

If you know your way around a Mobius Twist, you could get away with using only four standing sticks, by using tent stakes instead, and thus omit the four ground sticks altogether.

Nettie’s base is a square, 12 ft by 12 ft, (four of the sticks), and her height is about 7 ft. in the center.

Her standing sticks, three or four, are joined at the top by another kind of twist, one I invented and call a Cook Twist. It is a double Cook Twist, and has four ‘holes’ that keep the ends of the standing sticks going through them in position together. I call it a four-way pole connector.

Nettie, though made of a holey lattice, is remarkably rain-resistant, quite wind-proof, and is always a couple of degrees warmer inside than outside.

She is also portable, and easy to pack up, and set up. Although — twelve-foot sticks are very long, and the weight of eight of them makes me wish I could find bamboo sticks of that length!

view of the the way in from inside
Inside, looking at the outside door gap, left, and the inside door gap, draped with orange (Photo property of author)

You get inside Nettie through the vertical crack at the edge, walk sideways along one wall between the layers of netting, until you get inside. My cats could never figure it out!

You can set up a three-person dome tent inside her, no guy ropes necessary, and there is plenty of extra room around besides.

stretching full length on the ground and plenty room to spare
Stretching out full length inside, with plenty room to spare! (Photo property of author)

No cat’s claws make holes in the tent, nor the air mattress, because they can’t figure out how to get in!

reaching up to the rafters, more than 7 foot high (photo by author)



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